What is the Topcon Digital Asset HUB?

The Digital Asset Hub is a centralized platform designed to store, manage, and distribute digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and more. It streamlines asset management and makes it easier to access and share digital content.

Where can I find Marketing HUB content?

Marketing HUB content has been reincorporated into the new Topcon Digital Asset HUB.

How can I access the Topcon Digital Asset HUB?

The Topcon Digital Asset HUB is a public facing site available at the following URL: digitalassethub.topcon.com

What types of digital assets are available in the HUB?

There are a wide range of digital assets, including images, videos, audio files, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

How can I share assets with others?

You can share assets by generating shareable links or inviting collaborators to your Digital Asset Hub. 

Is there a mobile app available for the Topcon Digital Asset HUB?

No. But check our website frequently for updates.

Can I upload assets?

No, not currently.

What are collections?

The collections page offers assets based on tags.

What are Tags?

Tags are a form of metadata used to describe a digital asset.

What are Smart Tags?

Smart tags are automatically applied through Adobe's generative AI platform, Sensei.

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